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Extended Essay - Criteria: Initial reflection

Initial Reflection Handout


Keep your supervisor informed of the work you’re doing between reflection sessions. You may have informal discussions with other people who can help you, especially subject specialist teachers and the school Librarian.

Initial Reflection

The initial reflection session takes place early in the extended essay process after the initial ideas, background reading, and research plan have been considered. The first step is a mandatory interview between the student and the supervisor. The questions asked during this session tend to be more descriptive, with a discussion of the research question, preliminary research, and steps for further inquiry. This interview informs this first written reflection.

Interview Session

INTERVIEW SESSION (20–30 minutes)

During this interview session supervisors might ask:

  • Why is your research question worthy of study?
  • Were you successful in gathering the information/evidence you wanted?
  • Do you need more information to answer your question? How will you go about finding it?
  • Are there any questions emerging from your research that you didn’t anticipate?
  • Has your approach to answering the research question changed in any way so far?
  • Have you faced in problems in the EE process so far? How do you intend to tackle or resolve these challenges?
  • What are your initial thoughts about the answer to your research question?

Initial Reflection

INITIAL REFLECTION (max. ~150 words)

When writing the final reflection, students might reflect about any of the above questions that were discussed.