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Extended Essay - Criteria: Interim reflection

Interim Reflection Handout


Between the Interim Reflection and the completion of the extended essay, students should continue to see their supervisor as appropriate.

Interim Reflection

The interim, or second, reflection session takes place before the first full draft is completed, but after a substantial amount of work has been done. The first step is a mandatory interview between the student and the supervisor. The questions asked during this session tend to be more analytical, with a discussion of the strengths and limitations of initial findings and research methods. This interview informs the second written reflection.

Interview Session

INTERVIEW SESSION (20–30 minutes)

During this interview session supervisors might ask:

  • Where are you now in the research process and how did you get there?
  • What challenges have you faced and what strategies have you used to overcome these?
  • How are you adhering to the academic honesty policy?
  • How has your understanding of the question/topic changed?
  • What changes need to be made in order to complete this research?
  • What have you learned that might affect the way you continue?
  • Is your argument well structured and coherent?
  • Have you provided enough evidence to support a reasoned argument?
  • Have you critically evaluated this research?
  • Are there adjustments or changes that you might make to improve your essay?

Interim Reflection

INTERIM REFLECTION (max. ~150 words)

When writing the final reflection, students might reflect about any of the above questions that were discussed.